The Chosen One Stone Fruit

The Chosen One are an orchard in Riverland South Australia that is run by a group of growers with a mission to provide customers with the best quality, best-tasting stone fruit from over 1000 varieties. At The Chosen One, once each tree has grown, each fruit gets tried and tested…

The Stock Merchant

The Stock Merchant work with local small-scale producers who provide them with free range chicken, grass fed cattle, sustainably harvested
shellfish and pristine vegetables and herbs.

Pangkarra Foods

Jim and Katherine are fifth generation farmers and came to the realisation that they had to value add what they farmed and Pangkarra Foods was born.

Moondarra Blueberries

When the Department of Agriculture released the first batch of blueberry bushes in the late 1970s Malcolm Deveson was one of the first in line to give the fruit a go. Today Malcolm and his son Joel run one of the country’s most respected farms.

Sunny Ridge Strawberries

In the 1960’s a young Mick Gallace was put in charge of looking after the family farm at Main Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula while his Italian-born father took a trip back to the home country.

The Myrtleford Butter Factory

Given Naomi Ingleton’s early life – she grew up on a farm and helped her Grandmother make butter – it seems unsurprising that she is now creating local, handmade butter, but there are several twists to her tale.

Meredith Dairy

There is something special about all our cheese makers; what strikes us about Sandy and Julie Cameron is that between them they have qualifications in animal husbandry, agricultural practices, environmental management (more of which later), cheese making, and philosophy, yes, philosophy.

Farmhouse Muesli

The inspiration for Julia’s range of mueslis lies in Croatia where she grew up on a farm with a grandmother who, every morning, would try to make their “bland” oat breakfast more tempting.

Jones Potatoes

“Gordon Jones” has become name to drop amongst the farmers market set but the Gippsland based farmer has been producing his now well loved spuds before some of his keen and loyal urban customers were even born.

Gazzola Farms

We think all our producers are pretty special and Luis Gazzola from Gazzola Farms is, officially, one of the best of the best.

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