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Mawarde & Bakave Middle Eastern Patisserie

April 26, 2017 News

With over 40 years experience in the industry, the Abla family make delicious Middle Eastern treats from the finest natural ingredients. Using traditional methods, the team behind Mawarde and Bakave has added their own creative twist to create an award winning flavour experience like no other.

We caught up with the team behind Mawarde and Bakave to find out more.

Who are the team behind Bakave and Mawarde and what made you launch?

The Abla Family have been making award winning baklawa in the traditional middle eastern style for over 40 years, with recipes perfected by pastry artisan Sam Abla and his sons. Son in law Jacques, who trained under Sam and now manages the kitchen, was the proud winner of the Baklawa Bake Off 2013.

What is the difference between Bakave and Mawarde?

Mawarde is Abla’s retail brand and includes our range of famous traditional baklawas biscuits and slices, as well as two delicious turkish delight varieties.

Bakave was invented to keep up with changes in consumers’ diet preferences with many people now looking for natural, vegan and organic products for their health-conscious families. Bakave is a low GI, vegan alternative to the traditional baklawa and allows people to enjoy a delicious sweet that is lower in sugar and made without animal fats.   Organic agave is used as a low GI alternative to sugar and organic coconut oil replaces dairy-based ghee and butter to give us a delicious, guilt-free indulgence.

What was involved in developing the Bakave and Mawarde range and do you have any plans to add to the ranges in the future? 

There are four varieties and each has a different nut base with its own distinct flavour combination. All ingredients are natural. We don’t use any artificial flavours or colours in any of our products.

We definitely have plans to expand the ranges with exciting new flavour combinations to be added to our Bakave range as well as gluten-free products and even a nut-free range for those unfortunate souls unable to experience the delights of our signature lines due to allergies.

What did you do before launching Bakave and Mawarde? 

Before launching Mawarde and Bakave the majority of our products were only available in our Preston, South Yarra and Glenroy stores. Now we’re all over Victoria so everyone can enjoy our pastries.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take three things, what would they be? 

Stranded on a desert island with three things? Let it be a deckchair, coconut oil and a pack of yummy Bakave 😉

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