For all delivery related questions please go to our Delivery Page

What’s  the  best  way  to  use  this  site?  How  do  I  get  started?

Shopping with us is quick, easy and convenient.

  • Go to the Shop menu on the left hand side and click on the department you want to begin with
  • To refine your selection, click on the department and then a sub-department
  • For each item you’d like just enter the quantity required then hit Add
  • When you’re ready, click on Checkout on the far right hand side and follow the prompts


What  are  the  benefits  of  registering?  Why  should  I  register?

Registering your name and address will make your shopping experience with us even better. You’ll be able to:

  • Easily select your delivery time from a selection of time slots to suit your busy schedule
  • View previous orders and frequent purchases
  • Place your order in just a few minutes and checkout faster
  • Access special deals and offers
  • Shop anywhere from your desktop, mobile or tablet device
  • Save your payment details and pay once your order has been picked

Is  there  a  difference  between  the  in-store  and  online  produce?

Certainly not. Everything you buy, whether it is in person or over the Internet, is of the same high standard and it is all based at our Store in Elwood. So your Personal Leaf Shopper, an experienced member of our team assigned to fulfill your order, will be doing so from our shelves (and not from some out of town warehouse).

How  do  I  know  your  produce  really  is  fresh  and  full  of  flavour?

Our buyers, Leon and Adit, visit the fruit and vegetable markets five days a week and only select produce that meets the exacting expectations of our customers who range from local families to regional chefs. The standard they apply is, would I serve this to my children. Still not convinced? Then pop in to our store in Elwood and try it for yourself.

How  do  I  know  your  other  food  products  are  of  the  highest  quality?

Every single item is tried before it is stocked; if it doesn’t please our palate it doesn’t make it on to our shelves. Also, we don’t just “deal with” our suppliers, we often go out and meet them, whether that be in their kitchen, on their farm or at their nearest farmer’s market.

How  do  you  keep  my  order  in  tip-top  condition?

We pair your order with a Leaf Personal Shopper who, as stated above, picks and packs your order then we deliver it in a refrigerated van as quickly as possible.

Is  there  a  minimum  online  spend?

Yes. It is $30.

How  can  I  pay  online?

Payment is via credit card, using SecurePay; we accept Visa and Mastercard.

I  can’t  find  an  item  online  that  I  know  you  have  in  store;  how  can  you help?

Just tell us exactly what you’d like in the ‘Special Delivery Instructions’ box in Checkout. We’ll then give you a call and add it to your delivery. Note: no extra delivery charge applies.

What  if  I  forget  an  item?

It is very easy to add an item providing you haven’t yet completed your order.

If you remember the item while you are still shopping simply enter the item’s name into Product Search on the navigation bar on the far right hand side. Then just click on the item, enter the quantity and hit Add.

If you remember the item once you have proceeded through to Checkout that’s easy too. You will be given an opportunity to Review Your Order. Simply click Shop to continue shopping.

If, however, you remember your item once you have completed your order, you can send us an email to with your request and we will add it to your delivery.

What  if  I  want  to  delete  an  item  or  change  the  quantities  of  an  item?

This is very easy to do providing you haven’t yet completed your order.
If you’re still shopping, just click on the Review Order and Check Out button on the right and amend your order from there.

If you’ve finishing shopping and have proceeded to Checkout you will be given an opportunity to Review Your Order and you can amend it there.

I  have  a  favorite  person  at  Leaf;  can  they  fulfill  my  order?

If they’re working at the time, absolutely.

Can  you  “gift”  my  order?

Yes. We will happily turn your order into a gift, complete with complimentary handwritten gift tag. Just tell us what you want us to write on the tag and where you want the gift to be sent in the “special delivery instructions” box and we’ll do the rest, providing of course the address is within our delivery area.

I  have  a  special  request,  how  can  you  help  and  what  will  it  cost?

Give us a call on 03 9531 6542 so we can discuss your needs (and your budget).

What  happens  if  you  make  a  mistake?

We pride ourselves on getting things right but since we are only human we accept that occasionally we may get something wrong in which case we urge you to call us immediately on 03 9531 6542 so that we can apologise, then make amends quickly, without fuss and, of course, without charge.

How  eco-friendly  are  you?

Like you we try to tread lightly on the Earth. Most of our stock is made in Australia. Where possible we buy from local and regional producers. We deliver in recycled cardboard or recycled polystyrene cool boxes. We clean with eco-friendly products. We use electricity and water with care. We are not perfect. But we are doing what we can. And we will always be open to doing more.

I’d  like  to  get  my  product  into  your  store;  who  do  I  talk  to?

Call our Store Manager Lynne on 03 9531 6542.

I  represent  a  local  organisation  that  would  like  your  support,  who should  I  speak  with?

Call our Store Owner Leon on 03 9531 6542.