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The Leaf Difference - Market Report 22nd May


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Market Report 22nd May

Five must have fruit and vegetables to eat this week; castelfranco radicchiobrussels sproutsKiwi fruit, leeks and hass avocados

Castelfranco radicchio is our produce of the week. If you haven't tried radicchio, the castlefranco is a slightly sweeter and milder variety. It's only grown in Autumn and Winter, so enjoy it now. 

Brussels sprouts were very popular last week with our customers and they continue to be great. 

To perk up a dish, think of using leeks. Although available all year round, they are at their best autumn and winter. 

After months of short supply, Hass avocados are now in season, and the price is down and the size is larger. Shepard avocados are now finished for the year. 

Organic broccoli and sweet corn are in good supply and we have dropped our prices to help the growers sell what they are harvesting.  

Imperial Mandarins are still in season, as are Australian grown Kiwi fruit.  New season navel oranges have started. They are good, but will get better over the next few weeks, but they are packed full of vitamin C

Organic Barbara Pumpkin are still really great. 

All of our apples and pears are new season. Organic fuji and granny smith apples have started. 

The Australian grape season is finishing up, only a few weeks to go to enjoy. 

Cauliflower rollercoaster contines. After the cold snap last week, supply has shorten up again and the prices are up. Cucumbers are up in price, but the quality is still good. 

Due to the cold weather, the strawberry harvesting in really low, but the taste is good but the price is high. Early season queensland strawberries are now in and tasting ok, but they will get better each week.  Blueberries are also in very short supply and really dear. Local raspberries are finishing harvesting soon.

May is a difficult time for growing most produce, it's cold, wet and the daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter.


The transition from local supply to Queensland supply is now happening. We have some Queensalnd organic sweet corn and Organic broccoli

Broccolini is still local and great value. 

Organic imperial mandarins and navel oranges are in season and will continue to eat better in the weeks to come.  

Organic Barbara Pumpkin is still great. All of the organic Sweet potatocarrots ,brown onions, leeks and jap pumpkin are also great at the moment.

Organic Pink Lady, organic Fuji and Granny Smith apples are eating really well as are organic pears. 

The cold weather is having a big impact on the supply and quality of organic produce, but what we have is good. 

Organic tomatoes still have a great flavour, but they are in short supply and price has gone up.

Shepard avocado season is finishing, we are waiting on new season hass to start which should be soon. 

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