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The Leaf Difference - Market Report 24th October


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Market Report 24th October

New season Valencia oranges are our produce of the week. This variety is seedless, very juicy and sweet for a valencia, and great value.

Local dried purple garlic has started. The bulbs are a little small, but the flavour makes up for the size. Our early season garlic is from Robinvale, near Mildura. 

You may have noticed that I have not been stocking stonefruit. USA stonefruit was available all winter, but I made a conscious decision not to sell it as Australia has an abundance of stonefruit from Spring to Autumn. Today we have started Northern NSW yellow and white peaches, yellow and white nectarines and Nectacots from Southern Queensland. These stonefruit varieties are eating well, and apricots will start soon. 

Australian asparagus is great tasting and value. Spring peas are local, fantastic and in season. Continental and Lebanese cucumbers quality and price are good, just in time for salads. Local snowpeas and sugarsnaps have started, the quality is great. 

Local strawberries are coming from the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley. The mangoes from the Northern Territory are tasting great and should be cheaper next week. We are stocking Extra large and medium size mangoes. Our blueberries are from Northern NSW, it's the peak season now and the flavour is great.

New season spring garlic from Swan Hill is in store. The stems on spring garlic are great for cooking as they are full of flavour and nutrients. Also instore are fresh shallots. These look like a spring onion, but with a small bulb. The flavour is sweeter and milder than spring onions. Spring means salad onions are now excellent. All of the herb quality is better and the bunches are bigger.

Spaghetti squash has started

Blood orangesnavel orangeslemonsruby and yellow grapefruit are still in season. Limes are in short supply and dearer this week. Get in for your blood oranges, the season is finishing soon.

Broccoli, hand picked beansenglish spinach and cauliflower prices are great value. Zucchini supply is down and the price up.

Fennel and celeriac are still available.

Try kipfler potatoes in a salad. Washed potato growers are in between season and the potatoes are dearer. The Blue Moon potato harvesting is between areas and are unavailable for the next 2 weeks. With an outbreak of disease in the Northern Territory, watermelons are also dearer


Organic Hass avocados are great and the price is great value.

The season for Organic apples has finished. There maybe some apples come into market, but the supply will be inconsistent.

Sweet potato harvesting is between crops. They should be back in November

Organic mangoes and stonefruit will be starting very soon. 

Think greens; Organic herbs, asparagusIceberg and cos lettuce  silverbeetkale, broccoli, broccolini and hand picked beans are great at the moment.

New season dutch cream potatoes and king Edward potatoes are in stock. These potatoes have that great new season flavour.

Organic navel oranges have finished, new season valencia oranges are now available. Valencia oranges are juicy, a little more tart than navels and the season is spring/summer/autumn

All of the organic carrots , brown onions,  Queensland organic tomatoes, sweet corn and jap pumpkin are also great at the moment.

Organic Iceberg and cos lettuce are available as are organic snowpeas

The organic baby spinach, salad mix, super green kale and curly kale packets are good quality as is wild rocket 


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