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The Leaf Difference - Market Report 06th October


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Market Report 06th October

What is great this week?

This week our produce of the week is broad beans. The broad beans, also known as the fava bean, is a member of the bean family that is native to the Mediterranean, North Africa, South and Southwest Asia. Our broad beans are grown in Mildura. Broad beans can be blended, with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice, to make a dip; served as a side, topped with fresh mint; or made into a salad with red onion, cherry tomatoes and basil.



This week we are having special on blueberries, only 3.99 per punnet! They are tasting very nice and perfect for this weather. Go grab some while they last!

Queensland strawberries have finished this week, and we have started strawberries from WA. Hopefully our early Victorian grower will not be far away. Unfortunately raspberries are very tight supply this week.  

Furthermore, we still continue stocking beautiful nice size Kensington Pride mangoes, which are nice and eating vey sweet.

Our seedless watermelons are cutting better and so is the taste. On the other hand, canteloupes have been very short at the market this week, due to the gap between crops, which causing more expensive price than normal.

Hass avocados are eating very well and they are from Pemberton. Our 3 pack tray avocadoes are new season from WA, which are beautifully taste. 

Bananas are less expensive and eating nicely.

On our citrus lines; Lemons and limes are on steady price. 

Navel oranges, Cara Cara oranges, Blood oranges and grapefruits are still excellent taste and good value.

Our packham pears and bosc pears has been eating exceptional and they are in tempting value.

When are the early stonefruits arriving? Keep following our market updates, because they are not far away!



Our lettuces and salads are in good supply, good value and superb quality. This week we are stocking new season victorian lettuce which are grown from Somerville.

Do not forget that we have wonderful watercress and mache leaves to be added to your salads.

At the moment our queensland snowpeas and sugar snap are at the end of their season, soon we will have local victorian grown in near future. 

Our green produce prices has come down and increase in supply with better quality, such as green beans, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower and the same with our herbs line such basil, chives, coriander and dill bunches. Moreover, our beautiful range of potatoes are cheaper and the quality is excellent.



We have full range of herbs which grown locally in Victoria and some from Queensland. Our herbs has improved in bunches and quality, including our basil pots.


Produce in Season Now:

Mangoes, Avocados, Modi Apples, Asparagus, Spring garlic, Salad onions, Super Sweet Adelaide tomatoes.


Produce from Overseas:

Grapes, Pomegranates and Garlic.



Our Qld strawberries have finished now, and therefore will be coming from WA until local Victorian ones commences. They are slightly more expensive, although still eating fantastic. 

Organic hass avocados have gone up just slightly but again, they are still eating very good.

We have started again on our smaller organic hass avocados packs, which are also a great value.

Organic asparagus is now at its peak, and in store this week is well priced at $1.99 per bunch. We do like our asparagus combined in omlette, or simply steamed and drizzled with fresh lemon juice.

With the weather is warming up, the quality of our organic cos lettuce is exceptional at the moment. Our organic greens are steadily improving and in the coming weeks will only get better. The quality of  Organic cauliflower, BroccoliniOrganic broccoli, organic swet corn and organic celery is very good. All of our herbs are fantastic at the moment and they are decent bunches. 

All of the kales, silverbeet, spinach is still good quality and well priced. Same with our soup and slow cooked lines; leeks, beetroot, fennel and potatoes are nice. 

Navel oranges are continuing to eat well along with kiwi fruit.

We have now started on new season Queensland grown Australian purple garlic.

Queensland dutch cream and nicola potatoes are cooking really well.

Our organic jap pumpkin is fantastic. All of the organic Sweet potatocarrots ,brown onions and leeks are good.

Overall with the weather warming, the whole organic range will get a lot more consistent along with quality and taste. Also with summer just around the corner, expect organic stonefruits lines to be introduced in the coming weeks. 

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