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The Leaf Difference - Market Report 12th September


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Market Report 12th September

We have a new apple in this week, Modi . This apple is grown in the Goulburn Valley, it's heritage is Italian. They will be available for September and October. Modi are our produce of the week and all online orders will receive 3 apples to try. 

The Adelaide grown small super sweet tomatoes are our best tasting tomato by far. organic tomatoes are out of stock for the next couple of weeks. Due to unseasonable rain and cool weather in the current growing area of Bowen, North Queensland, most other tomatoes are in short supply and will be for the next week or so.

New Season Australian asparagus is available now. With this burst of spring weather, the crop is starting to mature. Prices will get cheaper as the weather warms and the daylight hours lengthen. Broccoli, english spinachcauliflower and snowpeas prices are great value. Broadbeans are in season and Hand picked beans and zucchini  are coming down in price.

In fruit, Blueberries are really nice and $5.99 a punnet and Strawberries are $2.99 a punnet. All of our strawberries are from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, where the weather has been great for ripening of strawberries this week.

Pineapples are still amazing and great value at $3.99 each. The King of Fruit pineapples we stock are low in acid, higher in sweetness.

 New season Hass avocados are great, as are all of the apples and pears.

 Afourer mandarins,  Blood orangescara cara and navel orangestangeloslemonsruby and yellow grapefruit are still in season. Organic lemons are out of season for now.

Italian vegetables are in season; eggplants, red capsicums, artichokes, fennel, rape’ and celeriac to add flavour and variety to your meal. Tomatoes and sweet corn are a little dearer due to rain in North Queensland

All Potatoes are great value. For roasting use the brushed potato, for salads use kipfler or cocktail, for mash dutch cream or desiree and for the all round potato, blue moon. The Low GI potato is organic nicola

We have added organic herbs to our range. All of the organic silverbeetcarrotssweet potato, kalebrown onionsOrganic Iceberg and cos lettuceQueensland organic tomatoes and jap pumpkin are great at the moment. Organic bananas are in short supply and the price has gone up. 

Cucumbers and sweet corn are good quality but more expensive than normal.

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