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The Leaf Difference - Market Report 30th March


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Market Report 30th March

Five must have fruit and vegetables to eat this week; grapes, snow applesOrganic barbara pumpkinOrganic Red Capsicums, and Organic celery

The quality of peaches and nectarines has really dropped off and we are not stocking them now. Grapes are our produce of the week. Green, crimson, black and sultana seedless grapes are all excellent at the moment, enjoy them now. 

Snow apples are truly seasonal, they doesn't store well so it has to be picked and sold fresh. Snow apples are only around for about 5 weeks, enjoy them now. 

Some great buying with organic produce this week. Organic celery is on special this week, half the normal price. We also got some great Organic Red Capsicums for this weekend. They are local, great quality and a great price. 

Our seedless watermelon is organic this week. Organic hand picked beans are good. Organic Barbara Pumpkin is back. Barbara pumpkin is our favourite pumpkin, the best of jap and butternut. Try a bean, barbara pumpkin, cous cous salad with a yoghurt, mint, cumin and honey dressing. 

North Queensland shepard avocados are in store and online. I love shepards, they have a nice creamy flavour and they don't go brown once cut. Just remember, shepard avos don't turn brown on the skin, thet stay green. To tell if they're are ripe, gently press on the stem end, if it "gives" it's ripe. The hass avocado season is finishing up and prices are higher. 

Organic fuji and granny smith apples have started. After a great special on Organic Sweet Corn, supply has shortened. 

Local hand picked beans, both organic and conventional, are fantastic at the moment.

William Pears are the first green skined pear harvested. These pears are really flavoursome and ripen very quickly. Beurre Bosc pears are also in season

Limes are very plentiful and great value, as are local lemons 

Plums are still available and eating well.

The Pink lady apples, royal gala apples and golden delicious apples are new season. 

Local dried purple garlic is great. 

Continental and Lebanese cucumbers are good quality and price, qukes supply is patchy 


Some great buying with organic produce this week. Organic celery is on special this week, half the normal price. We also got some great Organic Red Capsicums for this weekend. They are local, great quality and a great price. 

Our seedless watermelon is organic this week. 

Organic hand picked beans are good. Organic Barbara Pumpkin is back. This is our favourite pumpkin for the year. 

Organic tomatoes still have a great flavour, but they are in short supply.

We have new season organic Fuji and Granny Smith apples! Yay!

Seedless green and crimson grapes from the Mildura area are eating exceptional.

Organic broccoli, but expensive and broccolini is in stock and great quality. 

Supply and quality of Organic strawberries is good.  

Organic Hass avocados have finished, but we have new season shepard avocados. Sweet potato supply is better. Organic herbs and spring onions are great at the moment. For salads,Iceberg and cos lettuce is in short supply but available, baby salad leaves and Organic lebanese cucumbers are great quality. English spinach is unavailable for a couple of weeks. 

Otway Red potatoes are in stock. These potatoes have that great flavour.  Valencia oranges are now available. Valencia oranges are juicy, a little more tart than navels and the season is spring/summer/autumn

All of the organic carrots ,brown onions, and jap pumpkin are also great at the moment.

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