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The Leaf Difference - Market Report 1st July


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Market Report 1st July

Five must have fruit and vegetables to eat this week;  organic bananas, organic cauliflower,  local imperial mandarins, navel oranges  and beetroot

We have some great buys with organic produce. Organic bananas are still plentiful this week, $2.99 kg. Organic tomatoes are 75 cents each which is $4.99 kg. 

Same with organic cauliflower and Organic broccoli, supply is up and prices are down. 

Beetroot quality is really good at the moment.

Cocktail potatoes are great value this week. Grown in South Australia, these potatoes are great roasted or boiled.

Navel oranges are eating really well now, sweet and juicy. organic tangelos are in season and delicious, as are cara cara oranges from Eric Wright from Mildura. Local imperial mandarins have replaced Queensland ones and are juicy and sweet with few seeds

To perk up a dish, think of using leeks. Although available all year round, they are at their best autumn and winter. 

We have a great special on Organic Pink Lady and Fuji apples, $4.99 kg and  Organic imperial mandarins for $5.99 kg

 Hass avocados supply should be higher, but it's not, so the price is slightly higher, but the quality is excellent.

Queensland strawberries are back. Our favourite grower, Bernie's, are harvesting and the price is easing and the quality is good.

Also from Queensland are pineapples. Both the large and small ones are really sweet and juicy at the moment. 

Brussels sprouts are still fabulous.  

Organic broccoli, broccolini and sweet corn are in good supply and we have dropped our prices to help the growers sell what they are harvesting.  

Organic Barbara Pumpkin are still really great. 

All of our apples and pears are eating well.  

The Australian grape season is finishing up, only a week to go to enjoy. 

Cauliflower rollercoaster contines, they're are cheaper again!. Cucumbers are up in price, especially lebanese cues.  

Blueberries are still in very short supply 


Organic bananas are plentiful this week, and our supplier needs us to sell more, so how does $2.99 kg sound? Same with organic cauliflower, Broccolini and Organic broccoli, supply is up and prices are down.

Our special on Organic Pink Lady and Fuji apples, $4.99 kg continues. We also have  Organic imperial mandarins for $5.99 kg. organic tangelos are now available and eating well.

New season large organic hass avocados are now in store and online. 

Navel oranges are in season and are eating well.  Kiwi fruit is great as well. 

All of the kale, silverbeet, spinach and leeks are great at the moment. Wild rocket is back in stock. 

We have organic strawberries grown in Queensland. The price should ease in the next few weeks. 

Organic Barbara Pumpkin is still great. All of the organic Sweet potatocarrots ,brown onions, leeks and jap pumpkin are also great at the moment.

The cold weather is having a big impact on the supply and quality of organic produce, but what we have is good. 

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