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The Leaf Difference


New to Leaf? New to our online grocery service? Read on…

We’re a modern take on a traditional grocer who “stocks the best of almost everything”, according to The Foodies’ Guide to Melbourne, and due to customer demand we’ve started providing an online grocery service that covers the city and the surrounding suburbs.

Not all of the thousands of items in our actual store are currently available in our virtual store. For now we can bring you the most delicious fruits, vegetables, cheeses, yoghurts, butters, milks, breads and breakfast cereals. Plus, organic baby food and organic children’s food.
And remember, whether you shop with us here or in person you will still get the same quality and care.  

Just check that we’re covering your neighbourhood then log-on, place your order, tell us where and when you’d like it delivered and we’ll happily do the rest.

Can we deliver to you?