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The Leaf Difference - Market Report 1st February


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Market Report 1st February

Our Produce of the Week

Hello February! One month has already passed 2016. This week we have picked beautiful produce of the week, which is local Victorian grown Sweet Corn. Sweet corn is a variety of maize with a high sugar content, hence its descriptive name. You can remove the kernels and add them to pies, patties, frittatas, enchiladas, soups, dips and more but we think corn is best enjoyed on the cob – just boil, butter and season, or, even better, chargrill or barbeque and sprinkled with lemon juice and salt. Grab a few because they are on SPECIAL!



Our stone fruits season is still outstanding. We pick what is the best at the market so you can enjoy your fruits as they are meant to. Nectarines, peaches, plums and blood plums are continuing to eat excellent. Unfortunately, our Tasmania apricots season has finished. This season, Moorpark apricots did not produce enough fruits and ended sooner than we expected.

However, this week we have a new comer of plums, which are called; Queen Garnet Plums. They have dark purple colour and taste deliciously sweet! The rich deep purple colour of the Queen Garnet is the result of antioxidants called anthocyanin. These plums are grown from Queensland, and contain 10 times the recommended minimum average daily dose of anthocyanin and consumed as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, may assist in reducing high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. Try them before the season finish! 

Our Honey gold mangoes are highly aromatic and have a yellow-orange glossy skin and an intense, punchy, distinctive mango flavour. They also have a smaller seed than other mangoes, which means more fruit to enjoy. Ideal for summer fruits! Furthermore, we continue to stock Kensington pride mangoes, which are finishing soon.

Seedless grapes are on the peak of their taste, full of sweetness! They are cheaper in price and at the moment we are stocking green Menindee grapes and crimson grapes. We also have started new season sultanas grapes, small in size but big in flavour!

On the berries lines, Victorian grown strawberries are eating exceptional. Our blueberries still taste excellent, as do the raspberries. Blackberries are also in good supply and cheaper this week.

We are also stocking 500g strawberries, which are great value and lovely taste! 

Seedless watermelons are cutting red full of juice. We are also stocking local fresh figs from Mildura, they are in great value and taste beautiful.

Our Hass avocados are great size and eating nicely, grown from Pemberton. At the moment avocados are dearer than normal, due to limited supply and the tree itself does not produce many fruits. However, we have just started new season shepard avocadoes from Queensland, creamier and lovely taste.

Bananas are steady in price and eating very well. We are stocking normal bananas, eco bananas, lady finger and as well organic bananas.

On the citrus lines; Limes are plentiful this week and they are cheaper in price. Our navel oranges season has finished, and we have started new season Valencia oranges from South Australia, which are very juicy. Furthermore, seedless Valencia oranges in 3kg bags are also available. Lemons are cheaper this week.

Our apples and pears have been eating exceptionally well. Packham pears and Bosc Pears season has finished. However, we have started new season William pears and new season nashi pears.


With warm weather nowadays, it is perfect time to enjoy salads and lettuces. Our salads options including salad mix, baby spinach, wild rocket, chard leaves and as well snow pea tendril leaves. Keep in mind that we have wonderful watercress to be added to your salads. Our local Victorian lettuces are also in great supply, good value and superb quality. We are stocking beautiful nice and crisp iceberg lettuce, cos lettuce, baby cos lettuce, butter lettuce, green oak and red oak.

Edible flowers still looking colourful to be added as beautiful garnish and adding more style to your perfect dish. The variety of these flowers are depending on the growing condition.

In term of green produce, prices has come down and increased in supply with better quality, such as broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, and cauliflower. Unfortunately green peas are very limited this week. This is due to the warm weather dries out part of our ground causes very hard to grow produce. Moreover, our beautiful range of potatoes is excellent.

Our tomatoes are showing an exceptional colour, taste and quality. The 'Doncaster' variety has started up again. This particular 'field grown' tomato has a traditional tomato taste and is best used fresh in salad's.

We have lovely selections of tomatoes such as truss, roma, Adelaide tomatoes, Doncaster, cocktail, cherry tomatoes, mini roma, heirloom, strawberries tomatoes, and also three colours medley tomatoes.


We are stocking full range of herbs, including beautiful fresh cut basil, coriander, parsley, mint, thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, tarragon, limes leaves, bay leaves and as well curry leaves. Our herbs are grown locally in Victoria and some from Queensland.

Produce in Season Now:

Sweet Corn, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, Tomatoes.

Produce from Overseas: 
Asparagus, Pomegranates.



 This week the last crop of Organic Kensington Pride Mangoes are being stocked and are exceptionally sweet. They are on special and priced at $2.99 Each.

Tasmanian Organic Blueberries are in great supply and eating amazing at the moment. The Blueberries are $6.99pnt.

Organic Strawberries are also in a good crop and are really eating nice.They are still coming out of silvan, vic.

Organic Bananas have dropped slightly in price and should continue to come down as supply into the market increases.

The Organic stonefruit season is slowly drawing to an end so be sure to grab them while they are still available as they are continuing to eat nice.


Organic seedless menindee grapes are also in great supply and sweet eating. They are also well priced at $6.99kg. The red seedless grapes have also started with and are super sweet in taste. 

 They are grown in Robinvale, Vic and priced at $7.99kg.


Victorian grown Organic Apricots have finished now.


Organic hass avocados  season is slowly drawing to an end as supply has slowed up. We will be out of stock within about 1 week.


Organic cauliflower is also currently out of stock .


The Quality of our Organic Cos lettuce is exceptional at the moment and Organic ice berg lettuce is back in stock.

 All of our herbs are fantastic at the moment and they are decent bunches. 

The Organic Navel Orange season has come to an end. We have introduced ' new season' Valencia Oranges. They have the juice content but are not quite as sweet as the navel variety.

New Season Organic Dutch cream potatoes have also started. The 'Dutch Cream' variety is an extremely versatile spud that can be used in any way, definately one of our favourite's.

Our organic jap pumpkin is fantastic. All of the organic  carrots ,brown onions and leeks are also currently  good.


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