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The Leaf Difference - Market Report 27th January


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Market Report 27th January

It's back to school, back to work, but back to a bit more normality for most people this week

 Five must have fruit and vegetables to eat this week. Royal Gala Apples, Plums, Grapes, Doncaster tomatoes and sweet corn.

The royal gala apples are new season. Also started is new season Williams pears. 

Australia green and crimson grapes are now being harvested in the Mildura area. Local cantaloupe and honeydew are great value this week, as is the Seedless watermelon

Moore Park Apricots are still available. All other Peachesnectarines and plums are all available, prices are good and tasting good.  Doncaster tomatoes are still tasting great. Donut peaches are finishing this week. 

Limes are very plentiful and great value this week. Local lemons are still in short supply

Honey Gold mangoes and Kensington Pride Mangoes both eating really well, lthough supply is tighter this week.

Local sweet corn has started and tasting great. 

Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are all available and the prices are reasonable. Unfortunately the Trentham raspberries have finished. We are now getting our raspberries from the Yarra Valley.  Good strawberries are in light supply, there are plenty of inferior strawberries in the marketplace, but we won't stock them. 

All of the lettuce and salad mixes are really good quality at the moment. The broccoli quality has improved. All of the herbs are available and the quality is good.

Local hand picked  beans are now available and we still have Australian asparagus. The aust asparagus season will finish very soonk. 

Local dried purple garlic is great. 

Spring peas are local, fantastic and in season. Qukes, Continental and Lebanese cucumbers are good quality and price. 

Brown and red onions from Queensland are instore. These onions are rough looking on the outside, but have a great onion flavour. Look beneath the skin! I'd rather support local flavoursome queensland onions, than USA onions which may look better on the outside. 

Hass avocados continue to ripen well, but supply is getting lighter for good large fruit. Valencia oranges are juicy and in season. If you happen to get a valencia orange with a green tinge, that's actually nature's way of sunscreen, the greening helps to prevent sunburn. 


Organic Moodarra Blueberries are back in stock! We also have another line of organic blueberries from Victoria which are cheaper, but smaller than the moondarra ones. New season seedless green grapes have started.

The organic stonefruit quality is still good. Yellow peaches, yellow nectarines,Amber Jewel plums, apricots and Tasmanian cherries

Organic Bananas are great value and cheaper than conventional bananas.

Organic broccoli and broccolini are out of stock for the moment. 

Supply is only fair for Organic strawberries, but the quality is good.  

Organic Hass avocados are eating nice, but supply is getting lighter

Sweet potato supply is really inconsistent.  Organic celery and Organic hand picked beans back in stock. Organic asparagus season has finished.

Organic herbs and spring onions are great at the moment. For salads,Iceberg and cos lettuce, baby salad leaves and Organic lebanese cucumbers are great quality. 

Dutch cream potatoes and nicola potatoes are in stock. These potatoes have that great new season flavour. Otway Red Potatoes will be in store next week. 

 Valencia oranges are now available. Valencia oranges are juicy, a little more tart than navels and the season is spring/summer/autumn

All of the organic carrots ,brown onions,  sweet corn and jap pumpkin are also great at the moment. Organic tomatoes are in very short supply

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