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The Leaf Difference - Market Report 31st August


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Market Report 31st August

Winter is done! Spring is here, and so are mangoes! The early season fruit is from the Northern Territory.

New comers:

Welcome back asparagus! We have started again our local asparagus today, from Red Cliff region and soon supply will increase a lot from Koo Wee Rup area.

We have Tina Berries as our new comer. These magnificent extra large strawberries are plated 375g on black trays and they are grown in Bundaberg, Queensland.

 Our produce of the week is passionfruit. The are perfect at the moment. 


Strawberries are great value and splendid taste this week.

Cantaloupes, honeydew and pineapple are cutting nicely and taste very well.

 Our apples, pears, avocados and grapefruits are eating spectacular.

 Jazz apples are at the end of the season, will finish this week and next new season Jazz will be from New Zealand.

 Imperial mandarins season has finished, however, for those who are longing for late season mandarins, we are stocking flavorsome afourer mandarins from NSW with possible seeds in the fruits.

 Winter bananas are still looking slightly dull in colour, however the fruits inside are eating well.

 Lemons and limes are still more expensive than normal.


Asparagus have been showing more on our shelf. The shape and quality will improve every week, as we have more of the daylight.

 Hand picked beans’ supply is better this week, and lower price with outstanding quality.

 This week green peas, snowpeas and sugarsnaps are less expensive.

 Cucumbers, cauliflowers, capsicum, and Broccoli are plentiful and quality is excellent.

 The same with our beautiful range of potatoes and onions. We are stocking again royal blue variety with excellent tasting for boiling and mashing.

 Our Lettuces and salads are in good supply, good value and superb quality.

 Sweet corns, eggplants, mushrooms, zucchinis and tomatoes are dearer than usual, but they are top quality.


We have full range of herbs which grown locally in Victoria and some from Queensland. Growing conditions have affected some of our herbs including basil, chives and dill. As we are having more sun during the day and warmer grown, our herb bunches and quality will be showing significant improvement.

 Produce in season now:

Blood oranges, Afourer mandarins, Tangelos, Cara Cara oranges, Leeks, Asparagus, Parsnips, Silverbeets, Kale, Spinach, Salad onions.

 Produce from overseas:

Grapes, Pomegranates, and Garlic


Organic strawberries are great value today, but prices will rise by the weekend. 

Organic hass avocados are a great price and cheaper than conventional at the moment. 

Organic bananas are still plentiful this week. 

The cold weather is still having an effect on organic produce as supply on some lines are still low.In saying that, what we can get, the quality is good.The quality of  Organic cauliflower, BroccoliniOrganic broccoli, organic swet corn and organic celery is very good. Cos lettuce is back in but VERY LIMITED supply.Ice berg lettuce is still unavailable. The herb supply is patchy but we have a good selection. 

On the upside, all of the kales, silverbeet, spinach is good quality and price. Same with our soup and slow cooked lines; leeks, beetroot, fennel and potatoes are nice. 

Organic imperial mandarins are still eating well,though coming towards the end of the season. Navel oranges,tangelos and grapefruit are also eating well along with kiwi fruit. 

Winter vegetables like fennel, kale, silverbeet, spinach and leeks are great at the moment

Queensland dutch cream and nicola potatoes are cooking really well

New season asparagus isn't too far away. 

NEW SEASON jap pumpkin is fantastic and butternut pumpkin. All of the organic Sweet potatocarrots ,brown onions and leeks are good

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